God is Greater Than Our Limitations

Mark 16:3 And they (Mary Magdelene, Mary mother of James, and Salome) said among themselves, Who shall roll us away the stone from the door of the sepulcher?

As these three women approached the tomb, not knowing Jesus Christ was already risen, they wondered how they would be able to get into the tomb to anoint Him for burial. The tomb was sealed with a huge bolder. Too big for them to move.

In Jessie Comrie’s sermon last night, he made the point it is not about our abilities, but God’s ability. He said, “You provide the do, God will provide the ability.” You provide the do, God will provide the ability.

Today is the third Sunday of the month. It is Building Fund Sunday. We have already mentioned the upgrades we need to make to our building to continue supporting the vision God has for us. Notice the order of things. God provides the vision. We need to act on the vision. The vision comes to pass. Noah didn’t start building the ark when he saw the waters rising. God told himto build the ark and Noah built the ark, then the waters came. Moses didn’t wait for the people to be ready to leave Egypt. God told Moses the vision, Moses went to Pharaoh, then the people left.

God has given a vision here. Already we are seeing the growth in the children’s area. We a busting at the seams. We have a vision of an expanding the building. We see the overflow of people. Our online viewership is up. People are coming. We need to expand.

We have a boulder in front of us. That boulder is the cost of the expansion. Who will move that boulder? We act. God provides the ability. Who will move that boulder for us? God provides the ability. We will move that boulder.


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