Feeding the Five Thousand – God’s Plan for Kingdom Expansion


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In this book, David A. Zimmer explores a variety of angles concerning Christ’s Feeding the Five thousand people after a day of ministry. Typically taught as a message of God’s caring for His people, Zimmer shows the deeper meaning of God’s plan for expanding His Kingdom through His disciples and followers.

The book looks at each person in the situation – Jesus Christ, the disciples, the young lad, the lad’s parents, and the crowd – showing their importance in the events of that day and the importance in God’s Plan. You will gain insights into the events of that day that you have never seen or thought before. The unique perspectives help you learn your importance in God’s plan.

You will be intrigued by the various aspects. It will cause you to think more clearly about your reason for living and your impact on others. For those who have already reviewed this book, they mentioned how their lives were positively impacted.



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