God Can Take Your Mumblings and Bless Others, If You Let Him

God works in mysterious ways. Sometimes I think I need to get the whole message from Him before I can deliver it. I have learned, though, He will speak pieces of a message to me and speak pieces to others. The combined message only comes out when we work together or talk to each other.

When I am developing my Offering Thoughts, I purposely do not look at what Pastor Craig’s, the lead pastor at River of Life Church, sermon topic. I like it when the message God has spoken to me coincides, supports, aligns with or, in some other fashion, connects with Pastor Craig’s sermon topic or a word the Lord brings through someone in the congregation. It builds my faith and trust I am hearing His voice.

Here is a great testimony by Steven Furtick of Elevation Church and Elevation Worship Music. He describes how God created “Oh Come To The Altar” by speaking to several people of his music ministry. That song has blessed me, and many others, over and over. Listen in as Steven describes the creation of the song.


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